Ángel Chávez

Angel Chavez (b. 1929 - f. 1995) was a Peruvian painter. The so-called "last half century (1948-1999)" by historians Cueto and Contreras, defines a chapter in the history of Peru, linked to massive migrations from rural to urban areas and "strengthening the role of the state in search of a developing economic and social integration ", on the other hand, in recent years, the world has been immersed quickly in a host of technological advances that have led to progress in communications has generated terms like "globalization" today used by all. In 1948, there was another coup, General Odria assumed state power, staying on until 1956, the period known as the "ochenio." General Manuel Odría, sets new standards in state organization, that taking advantage of the weakening of the great powers, because of World War II created a small boom in Peru, increasing exports and encouraging foreign investment. However, this government from the political point of view, this government committed serious offenses as fraudulent elections and a strict internal security regime, which resulted in the development acetate country's political life and the cultural and intellectual life . "The new regime [...], resumed a more liberal economic policy in the sense of having less state intervention in the productive apparatus. To this he added a kind of control over social movements, which combines authoritarianism with paternalism" By mid-century, as we have seen, both politics and art in a time of change. Adolfo Winternitz, founded in 1940 The Catholic Academy of Art, later School of Plastic Arts of the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú, Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos created under the auspices of the Art Institute of the Arts Faculty in 1951, "Salons of Art" and the Lima Art Museum, opened in 1958 "The First Exhibition of Abstract Art" organized by the young painters Benjamin Edward Moll and Moncloa.

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How would Ángel Chávez be described?

Ángel Chávez would be described as Peruvian artist.

What is the gender of Ángel Chávez?

Ángel Chávez is male.

When died Ángel Chávez?

Ángel Chávez died 01.01.1995.

When was Ángel Chávez born?

Ángel Chávez was born on 01.01.1929.

What is Ángel Chávez subject of?

Ángel Chávez is subject of Peruvian painters, 20th-century Peruvian painters, 1929 births and 1995 deaths.