Ángel Daniel Vassallo

Ángel Daniel Vassallo

Ángel Daniel Vassallo Colón (born April 21, 1986) is a Puerto Rican professional basketball player. After completing his high school education, he played for the Tigers of Hargrave Military Academy, reaching the preparatory national finals. Vassallo joined the National Collegiate Athletic Association playing for Virginia Tech. Throughout his college career, Vassallo received several recognitions, including two All-ACC second team inclusions. He finished fifth in the campus' all-time scoring list. In his first Baloncesto Superior Nacional season, Vassallo averaged 25.6 points, 6.7 rebounds, and 4.3 assists per game for the Criollos de Caguas. He made his LNB debut for Paris-Levallois Basket, leading the team to the playoffs. Vassallo has been an All-Star player in both the BSN and LNB. He has been a member of the Puerto Rico national basketball team since his teenage years, representing Puerto Rico in the 2003 FIBA World Championship for Junior Men and the 2005 FIBA U-21 World Championship. In 2008, Vassallo joined the senior team, playing at the 2008 Centrobasket, FIBA Americas Championship 2009 and 2010 FIBA World Championship.

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How would Ángel Daniel Vassallo be described?

Ángel Daniel Vassallo would be described as Puerto Rican basketball player.

What is Ángel Daniel Vassallo subject of?

Ángel Daniel Vassallo is subject of 1986 births, Small forwards, Puerto Rican basketball players, Paris-Levallois Basket players, STB Le Havre players, Living people, Puerto Rican sportspeople, Shooting guards, Baloncesto Superior Nacional players, People from Toa Baja, Puerto Rico, Puerto Rican national basketball team, ASVEL Basket players and Virginia Tech Hokies men's basketball players.

What is the gender of Ángel Daniel Vassallo?

Ángel Daniel Vassallo is male.

What was or is the position of Ángel Daniel Vassallo?

The position of Ángel Daniel Vassallo is or was Small forward.

In which teams was Ángel Daniel Vassallo active?

Ángel Daniel Vassallo was active in Leones de Ponce.

When did the career of Ángel Daniel Vassallo start?

The career started in 2009.