Ángel Esmeralda

Ángel Esmerelda Born on October 1, 1915, is a prewar Filipino actor, tumultuous period marked by Pancho Villa’s poignant Mexican revolution, but a most opportune time for Angel, who would grow up to be the filmdom’s golden boy. He is the husband of Sampaguita Pictures leading lady Corazon Noble and the father of Jay Ilagan also known as Ángel Ilagan.

Source: Wikipedia DBpedia

How would Ángel Esmeralda be described?

Ángel Esmeralda would be described as Actor.

What is the gender of Ángel Esmeralda?

Ángel Esmeralda is male.

When died Ángel Esmeralda?

Ángel Esmeralda died 1985.

When was Ángel Esmeralda born?

Ángel Esmeralda was born on 01.10.1915.

What is Ángel Esmeralda subject of?

Ángel Esmeralda is subject of 20th-century Filipino male actors, 1915 births, 1985 deaths and Filipino male film actors.