Ángel Faretta

Ángel Faretta (born 21 April 1953) is an Argentine author of his own theory of cinema, film critic, writer, poet and teacher. Since 1980, he has been published in various media, testing, analysis articles and reviews on art, literature and cinema. For many followers of his theory he is "the person who most reflected on the cinema in Argentina, and its theoretical more lucid, original and influential, true to his thinking and away from any fashion." About Faretta, the film critic Fernando Regueira wrote: "Faretta is the only thinker with a Theory of Cinema (Aesthetics and general) in our own homeland, and we fear much in our Spanish language throughout." Regueira Fernando

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How would Ángel Faretta be described?

Ángel Faretta would be described as Argentine writer.

What is Ángel Faretta subject of?

Ángel Faretta is subject of People from Buenos Aires, Argentine science fiction writers, 1953 births, Argentine male writers, Living people and Male novelists.

What is the gender of Ángel Faretta?

Ángel Faretta is male.

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When did the career of Ángel Faretta start?

The career started in 1980.