Ángel Felicísimo Rojas

Ángel Felicísimo Rojas (December 20, 1909 – July 20, 2003) was an Ecuadorian writer. He is best known for his novel El éxodo de Yangana (1949), which placed him among the most prominent authors of Ecuador. Rojas got into the literary world early during his student years. While doing his law degree at the University of Loja, he was editor of the University magazine. Rojas founded the Socialist Party of Loja in 1927. Another of Rojas' inclinations developed during his college years, the attraction toward socialism. Even as a student, he was an energetic and dedicated member of the Ecuadorian Socialist Party. Later on, however, he had a falling out with the party. But that parting did not deter his fascination with socialist ideology. It was this passionate support of socialism that led to his arrest and imprisonment by the Ecuadorian government in 1941. Rojas was appointed the Comptroller of the nation by the Ecuadorian President José María Velasco Ibarra during one of his five presidential terms. He was awarded Ecuador's National Prize in Literature "Premio Eugenio Espejo" in 1997. Rojas died in his sleep on July 21, 2003.

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How would Ángel Felicísimo Rojas be described?

Ángel Felicísimo Rojas would be described as Ecuadorian writer.

What is the occupation of Ángel Felicísimo Rojas?

Ángel Felicísimo Rojas is or was occupied as Writer.

What is Ángel Felicísimo Rojas subject of?

Ángel Felicísimo Rojas is subject of Ecuadorian male writers, 1909 births, 2003 deaths and People from Loja, Ecuador.

What is the gender of Ángel Felicísimo Rojas?

Ángel Felicísimo Rojas is male.

What is a notable work of Ángel Felicísimo Rojas?

Famous works include El éxodo de Yangana.