Ángel Maza

Ángel Maza

Ángel Eduardo Maza (born 18 December 1954) is an Argentine Justicialist Party (PJ) politician. He was the governor of La Rioja Province during several terms, until he was ousted by impeachment in 2007. His sister, Ada Maza, is a national senator. Maza was educated at the National University of Córdoba and graduated as a geologist, later earning a doctorate. He worked in the geological and mining services of the Government of Argentina and of La Rioja Province.

Source: Wikipedia DBpedia

Who was the predecessor of Ángel Maza?

The predecessor of Ángel Maza was Luis Beder Herrera.

How would Ángel Maza be described?

Ángel Maza would be described as Argentine politician.

When was Ángel Maza born?

Ángel Maza was born on 18.12.1954.

What is Ángel Maza subject of?

Ángel Maza is subject of Governors of La Rioja Province, Argentina, Justicialist Party politicians, National University of Córdoba alumni, People from La Rioja Province, Argentina, 1954 births, Living people, Impeached officials removed from office, Government ministers of Argentina and Argentine geologists.

To which party does Ángel Maza belong?

Ángel Maza is member of Partido Justicialista.

Where was Ángel Maza born?

Ángel Maza was born in La Rioja.

What is the gender of Ángel Maza?

Ángel Maza is male.