Ángel País

Ángel País

Ángel País (born February 26, 1987 in Montevideo, Uruguay) is a Uruguayan footballer currently playing for Colegio Nacional Iquitos of the Primera Division in Peru.

Source: Wikipedia DBpedia

Where was Ángel País born?

Ángel País was born in Montevideo.

How would Ángel País be described?

Ángel País would be described as Footballer.

What is the gender of Ángel País?

Ángel País is male.

When was Ángel País born?

Ángel País was born on 26.02.1987.

What is Ángel País subject of?

Ángel País is subject of 1987 births, Uruguayan footballers, Living people, Colegio Nacional Iquitos footballers, Expatriate footballers in Brazil, Expatriate footballers in Peru, Peñarol players, Montevideo Wanderers F.C. players and Uruguayan expatriate footballers.