Ángel (Rapper)

Ángel Schaffer, better known by stage name Angel Boi, is an American rapper and poet. His first released project, Blessed Child (2004) was a romantic poetry book. Then his first recorded single Toe Lover' in 2005, which was historic by being the first song ever about sucking women toes. He feels that it's important for an artist to write about the truth. As he puts it, "It's a true-life story. All my relationships deal with it." Boi admits some guys are into "skittels" just like he is, but the ladies are the ones who really love his toe-suckles. In fact, it's not uncommon for ladies to line up after his shows and try to stick their tootsies in his face. Angel's Boy Enterprises was established by Ángel in 2004. The Indie record label was launched, because Ángel wanted to express himself without the added pressure of signing to a major label. Ángel patiently waited to start his company, because of his strong belief in his own creativity. His zest for life has taken him to places he never thought he would go. It has allowed him the freedom as an artist to write, create, to be the type of artist who will be remembered until the end of time for his timeless work.

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How would Ángel be described?

Ángel would be described as American rapper.

What is the occupation of Ángel?

The occupation of Ángel is Rapping.

What is Ángel subject of?

Ángel is subject of Cuban poets, Cuban male writers, American entertainers of Cuban descent, American writers of Cuban descent, Hispanic and Latino American rappers, Living people, Male poets, Rappers from Los Angeles, American male singers of Indian descent and American rappers of Asian descent.

Where was Ángel born?

Ángel was born in Los Angeles, California.

What is the gender of Ángel?

Ángel is male.

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When did the career of Ángel start?

The career started in 2004.