Ángel Rodríguez Miranda

Angel Edgardo "Gary" Rodríguez Miranda (born January 9, 1977) is a Puerto Rican politician. He has been a member of the Puerto Rico House of Representatives since 2008.

Source: Wikipedia DBpedia

How would Gary Rodríguez be described?

Gary Rodríguez would be described as Puerto Rican politician.

What is Gary Rodríguez subject of?

Gary Rodríguez is subject of Drexel University alumni, New Progressive Party members of the House of Representatives of Puerto Rico, People from Toa Alta, Puerto Rico, 1977 births and Living people.

To which party does Gary Rodríguez belong?

Gary Rodríguez is member of Partido Nuevo Progresista.

What is the gender of Gary Rodríguez?

Gary Rodríguez is male.