Ángel Sauce

Ángel Sauce, (born in Caracas, Venezuela on August 2, 1911; died in Caracas, Venezuela on December 26, 1995), was a Venezuelan composer, violinist and conductor. He was founder of multiple choirs and orchestras, and for more than twelve years he directed the Venezuela Symphony Orchestra. He received two National Music Prizes in Venezuela, one in 1948 for his composition Cecilia Mujica and one in 1982 for general achievements in his lengthy career.

Source: Wikipedia DBpedia

Where died Ángel Sauce?

Ángel Sauce died in Caracas, Venezuela.

How would Ángel Sauce be described?

Ángel Sauce would be described as Venezuelan composer.

When died Ángel Sauce?

Ángel Sauce died 26.12.1995.

What is Ángel Sauce subject of?

Ángel Sauce is subject of People from Caracas, Venezuelan composers, Venezuelan musicians, Venezuelan classical violinists, 1911 births, 1995 deaths, 20th-century classical musicians, 20th-century classical violinists, 20th-century composers, Male composers and Male violinists.

What is the gender of Ángel Sauce?

Ángel Sauce is male.