Ángel Villoldo

Though a musician, Villoldo did many other things to make a living, including typographer, circus clown and any other job for which his help was wanted. Among other things, he was a "cuarteador" in the neighborhoods far from downtown Buenos Aires; he waited on horseback for the arrival of a big coach or streetcar at the bottom of slopes, and then help them get out of the mud or to go uphill. This meant fastening the vehicle with a rope tied to his horse and helping in the effort. With a knack for writing, Villoldo devised stanzas for carnival groups and numerous poems and devised prose writings for well-known magazines of the time such as Caras y caretas. All through his work runs a vein of witty sarcasm, and his dialogues were suitable for the common man's tongue and always referred to real situations of ordinary people, including love affairs portraying the way of speaking and behavior of the lowest social level of society. For a living he also gave private recitals of poems that were considered in very bad taste.

Source: Wikipedia DBpedia

How would Ángel Villoldo be described?

Ángel Villoldo would be described as Argentine musician.

What is the gender of Ángel Villoldo?

Ángel Villoldo is male.

When died Ángel Villoldo?

Ángel Villoldo died 14.10.1919.

When was Ángel Villoldo born?

Ángel Villoldo was born on 16.02.1861.

What is Ángel Villoldo subject of?

Ángel Villoldo is subject of Burials at La Chacarita Cemetery, Argentine musicians, Tango musicians, 1861 births, 1919 deaths and Tango lyricists.