Ángela Azul Concepcion

Ángela Blue Concepción Caccia Torres (born 13 August 1998 in Avellaneda, Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina), known as Ángela Torres, is an actress and Argentinian singer. She is the daughter of the actress Gloria Carrá and of the musician Marcelo Torres, niece of the popular singer Diego Torres and granddaughter of the deceased Lolita Torres. She has also taken part in several musical comedies such as "The Sound of Music" and "Peter Pan".

Source: Wikipedia DBpedia

Where was Ángela Torres born?

Ángela Torres was born in Avellaneda.

How would Ángela Torres be described?

Ángela Torres would be described as Argentinian actor.

What is the gender of Ángela Torres?

Ángela Torres is female.

When was Ángela Torres born?

Ángela Torres was born on 13.08.1998.

What is Ángela Torres subject of?

Ángela Torres is subject of Argentine film actresses, Argentine stage actresses, 1998 births, People from Avellaneda, Argentine female singers, Argentine television actresses, Argentine people of Spanish descent, Living people, Argentine child actresses and 21st-century women.