Ángela Peralta

Ángela Peralta

Ángela Peralta (6 July 1845 – Mexico City – 30 August 1883, Mazatlán) (baptised María de los Ángeles Manuela Tranquilina Cirila Efrena Peralta Castera) was an operatic soprano of international fame and a leading figure in the operatic life of 19th-century Mexico. Called the "Mexican Nightingale" in Europe, she had already sung to acclaim in major European opera houses by the age of 20. Although primarily known for her singing, she was also a composer as well as an accomplished pianist and harpist.

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How would Ángela Peralta be described?

Ángela Peralta would be described as Singer.

What is the gender of Ángela Peralta?

Ángela Peralta is female.

When died Ángela Peralta?

Ángela Peralta died 30.08.1883.

When was Ángela Peralta born?

Ángela Peralta was born on 06.07.1845.

What is Ángela Peralta subject of?

Ángela Peralta is subject of Mexican composers, Musicians from Mexico City, 1845 births, 1883 deaths, 19th-century composers, 19th-century singers, Deaths from yellow fever, Mexican operatic sopranos, Mexican female composers, National Conservatory of Music of Mexico alumni and Infectious disease deaths in Mexico.