Ángela Vallvey

Ángela Vallvey Arévalo (born 1964 in San Lorenzo de Calatrava, Ciudad Real) is a Spanish writer. She studied Modern History at University of Granada, and she later took some courses of anthropology and philosophy. After her first Children's literature book, she started to write novels and poetry. She has also taken part in several radio and television talk-shows (Herrera en la onda, Madrid opina and Las mañanas de cuatro ) Andreas Dorschel praised in Ángela Vallvey's book Los estados carenciales (2002) "the novelist's virtue to take people as they are, not as they should be"

Source: Wikipedia DBpedia

Where was Ángela Vallvey born?

Ángela Vallvey was born in San Lorenzo de Calatrava.

How would Ángela Vallvey be described?

Ángela Vallvey would be described as Spanish writer.

What is the gender of Ángela Vallvey?

Ángela Vallvey is female.

When was Ángela Vallvey born?

Ángela Vallvey was born on 01.01.1964.

What is Ángela Vallvey subject of?

Ángela Vallvey is subject of 20th-century Spanish poets, Spanish women writers, 1964 births, 20th-century women writers, 21st-century women writers, Living people and Spanish women poets.