Árni Böðvarsson

Árni Böðvarsson

Árni Böðvarsson (May 15, 1924 – September 1, 1992) was an Icelandic educator, grammarian, and dictionary editor. He edited the first standard dictionary of Icelandic, co-edited a Russian-Icelandic dictionary, and was also an Esperantist, editor of an Icelandic-Esperanto dictionary, a long-time member of the Universal Esperanto Association (UEA), co-founder of the Reykjavík Esperanto society, and secretary of the Icelandic Esperanto Association.

Source: Wikipedia DBpedia

Where died Árni Böðvarsson?

Árni Böðvarsson died in Reykjavík.

How would Árni Böðvarsson be described?

Árni Böðvarsson would be described as Icelandic philologist and esperantist.

What is the gender of Árni Böðvarsson?

Árni Böðvarsson is male.

When died Árni Böðvarsson?

Árni Böðvarsson died 01.09.1992.

When was Árni Böðvarsson born?

Árni Böðvarsson was born on 15.05.1924.

What is Árni Böðvarsson subject of?

Árni Böðvarsson is subject of 1924 births, 1992 deaths, Esperanto lexicographers, Icelandic Esperantists and Grammarians from Iceland.