Áron Márton

Áron Márton

Áron Márton (28 August 1896 – 29 September 1980), Servant of God, was the bishop of the Roman Catholic Church in Transylvania during World War II and the communist dictatorship in Romania.

Source: Wikipedia DBpedia

How would Áron Márton be described?

Áron Márton would be described as Roman Catholic bishop.

What is Áron Márton subject of?

Áron Márton is subject of Romanian people of Hungarian descent, Romanian people of World War II, Romanian academics, Romanian human rights activists, Romanian prisoners and detainees, People from Harghita County, Romanian Roman Catholic bishops, Romanian theologians, Székely, 1896 births, 1980 deaths, 20th-century venerated Christians, Austro-Hungarian military personnel of World War I, Hungarian anti-communists, Romanian anti-communist clergy, Hungarian Roman Catholic theologians, Hungarian Roman Catholic bishops, Burials at St. Michael's Cathedral, Alba Iulia, Venerated Catholics, Hungarian Righteous Among the Nations, Romanian Righteous Among the Nations and Romanian prisoners sentenced to life imprisonment.

Where was Áron Márton born?

Áron Márton was born in .

What is the gender of Áron Márton?

Áron Márton is male.