Árpád Basch

Árpád Basch

Árpád Basch (April 16, 1873, Budapest - 1944, Budapest) was a Hungarian painter and graphic artist. Initially intending to follow an industrial career, Basch attended training at the Department of Metallurgy at the Staatliche Mittelschule (government school) for one year, after which he decided to become an artist. He trained under Simon Hollósy in Munich, Bihari and Karlovsky in Budapest and Léon Bonnat, Dousset, and Jean Paul Laurens in Paris. He returned once more to Budapest, where he became the art editor of the Magyar Genius (a Hungarian publication). He painted several commissions for the Millennia Exposition, and devoted considerable attention to poster painting. He was a collaborator on "The Poster" and on "Les Maîtres de I'Affiche", but his principal occupation was water-color decorative painting.

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Where died Árpád Basch?

Árpád Basch died in Budapest.

Where was Árpád Basch born?

Árpád Basch was born in Budapest.

How would Árpád Basch be described?

Árpád Basch would be described as Hungarian artist.

What is the gender of Árpád Basch?

Árpád Basch is male.

When died Árpád Basch?

Árpád Basch died 01.01.1944.

When was Árpád Basch born?

Árpád Basch was born on 16.04.1873.

What is Árpád Basch subject of?

Árpád Basch is subject of Hungarian painters, 1873 births, 1944 deaths, People from Budapest, Poster artists and Category:20th-century Hungarian painters.