Árpád Doppler

Árpád Doppler

Árpád Doppler (5 June 1857 – 13 August 1927) was a Hungarian-German composer. He was born in Budapest, the son of Karl Doppler and he studied at the Conservatory of Stuttgart. From 1880 to 1883 he was a teacher at the Grand Conservatory in New York City, after which he taught at the Conservatory in Stuttgart. From 1889, he was also a choir leader at the court opera. He died in Stuttgart. He composed several orchestral works, choral works, and lieder. His compositional style is reminiscent at times of Edvard Grieg. Translated from the German Wikipedia

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Where died Árpád Doppler?

Árpád Doppler died in Stuttgart.

Where was Árpád Doppler born?

Árpád Doppler was born in Budapest.

How would Árpád Doppler be described?

Árpád Doppler would be described as hungarian-German composer.

What is the gender of Árpád Doppler?

Árpád Doppler is male.

When died Árpád Doppler?

Árpád Doppler died 13.08.1927.

When was Árpád Doppler born?

Árpád Doppler was born on 05.06.1857.

What is Árpád Doppler subject of?

Árpád Doppler is subject of 1857 births, 1927 deaths, 19th-century German musicians, 19th-century classical composers, 20th-century German musicians, 20th-century classical composers, Austrian classical composers, German classical composers, German male classical composers, Hungarian classical composers, Male classical composers and Romantic composers.