Árpád Házi

Árpád Házi (20 September 1908 – 13 November 1970) was a Hungarian communist politician, who served as Interior Minister between 1951 and 1952.

Source: Wikipedia DBpedia

Who is the successor of Árpád Házi?

The successor of Árpád Házi is József Györe.

How would Árpád Házi be described?

Árpád Házi would be described as Hungarian politician.

When died Árpád Házi?

Árpád Házi died 13.11.1970.

What is Árpád Házi subject of?

Árpád Házi is subject of 1908 births, 1970 deaths, 20th-century Hungarian politicians, Hungarian Communist Party politicians, Hungarian Interior Ministers, Members of the Hungarian Socialist Workers' Party, Members of the Hungarian Working People's Party, People from Hajdú-Bihar County, Members of the National Assembly of Hungary (1949–53) and Members of the National Assembly of Hungary (1953–58).

What is the gender of Árpád Házi?

Árpád Házi is male.