Árpád Szakasits

(The native form of this personal name is Szakasits Árpád. This article uses the Western name order.) Árpád Szakasits [ˈaːrpaːd ˈsɒkɒʃit͡ʃ] (6 December 1888, in Budapest – 3 May 1965, in Budapest) was a Hungarian Social Democrat, then Communist political figure. He served as the President of Hungary from 2 August 1948 to 23 August 1949. He was the first Chairman of the Hungarian Presidential Council, which was established on 23 August 1949, as a replacement for the post of the President, in accordance with the new constitution proclaimed in 1949. He served until 26 April 1950. Szakasits was an Esperantist for over 40 years, attended Esperanto congresses, and was a member of the International Patron Committee for the World Esperanto Congress in 1959.

Source: Wikipedia DBpedia

Who is the successor of Árpád Szakasits?

The successor of Árpád Szakasits is Sándor Rónai.

How would Árpád Szakasits be described?

Árpád Szakasits would be described as Hungarian politician.

What is Árpád Szakasits subject of?

Árpád Szakasits is subject of Presidents of Hungary, Hungarian Social Democratic Party politicians, Members of the National Assembly of Hungary (1958–63), Members of the National Assembly of Hungary (1963–67), 1888 births, 1965 deaths, People from Budapest, 20th-century Hungarian politicians, Hungarian Esperantists, Members of the Hungarian Socialist Workers' Party, Members of the Hungarian Working People's Party, Members of the National Assembly of Hungary (1945–47) and Members of the National Assembly of Hungary (1947–49).

What is the gender of Árpád Szakasits?

Árpád Szakasits is male.