Árpád Weisz

Árpád Weisz (also spelt Veisz; 16 April 1896 – 31 January 1944) was a Hungarian football player and manager. Weisz was Jewish, and died during The Holocaust in World War II at Auschwitz.

Source: Wikipedia DBpedia

How would Árpád Weisz be described?

Árpád Weisz would be described as Hungarian association football player and association football manager.

What is Árpád Weisz subject of?

Árpád Weisz is subject of Hungarian football managers, Hungarian footballers, Footballers at the 1924 Summer Olympics, Olympic footballers of Hungary, Hungary international footballers, People from Bács-Kiskun County, Hungarian people who died in Auschwitz concentration camp, 1896 births, 1944 deaths, Hungarian Jews, Inter Milan players, A.S. Bari managers, Expatriate football managers in Italy, Expatriate football managers in the Netherlands, FC Dordrecht managers, Jewish footballers, Sportspeople who died in Nazi concentration camps, Inter Milan managers, Hungarian civilians killed in World War II and Expatriate footballers in Czechoslovakia.

What is the gender of Árpád Weisz?

Árpád Weisz is male.

In which teams was Árpád Weisz active?

Árpád Weisz was active in Alessandria, Hungary, Törekvés SE, F.C. Internazionale Milano and Maccabi Brno F.C..