Ása Ástardóttir

Ása Ástardóttir is an Icelandic singer, comedian and youtube celebrity. She grew up in Reykjavik and is now living in Cologne/Germany. Her most successful songs in Icelandic languages were "Saetir Kossar/Big Kisses" and "Skál". In 2014 she released the song "Don't Stop the Madness" for the Swiss preselection of the Eurovision Song Contest.In September 2015, she became the first Icelandic contestant to move into a Big Brother house when she entered as a contestant in the German version of the reality show.

Source: Wikipedia DBpedia

What is the gender of Ása Ástardóttir?

Ása Ástardóttir is female.

What is Ása Ástardóttir subject of?

Ása Ástardóttir is subject of Icelandic female singers, Living people, People from Reykjavík, Year of birth missing (living people), YouTubers, 20th-century Icelandic people and Icelandic comedians.