Ásgeir Helgason

Ásgeir Helgason

Ásgeir R. Helgason (born 1957) is an Icelandic scientist working at Karolinska Institutet in Sweden. Since 2002 he has been an associate professor in psychology at the Departments of Oncology-Pathology and Public Health at the Karolinska Institutet and Reykjavik University, Iceland. He is best known for his population based research on sexual function and emotional isolation in elderly men and prostate cancer patients, patient trade-off and his work on smoking cessation and quitlines. Helgason was a prime mover in the establishment of the Swedish and Icelandic national quitlines for smoking cessation (1998) and responsible for their development. He was also engaged in the development of a similar telephone based proactive treatment for people who seek help for controlling their alcohol consumption (alcohol quitline). Other work includes research on motivational interviewing and palliative care of cancer patients and its effect on long term well-being in surviving spouses. Ásgeir has two sons Hugi and Muni after Odin's ravens Hugin and Munin. His brother-in-law is writer and humorist Tim Moore, his father is scientist Helgi Valdimarsson and he is a brother of scientist Agnar Helgason.

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How would Ásgeir Helgason be described?

Ásgeir Helgason would be described as Icelandic scientist.

What is the gender of Ásgeir Helgason?

Ásgeir Helgason is male.

When was Ásgeir Helgason born?

Ásgeir Helgason was born on 01.01.1957.

What is Ásgeir Helgason subject of?

Ásgeir Helgason is subject of Icelandic scholars, Icelandic psychologists, 1957 births, Living people and Icelandic scientists.