Ásgeir Trausti

Ásgeir Trausti Einarsson (Icelandic pronunciation: [ˈaːusceir̥ ˈtʰrøistɪ ˈeːinar̥sɔn]; born 1 July 1992) is an Icelandic singer-songwriter and musician. In his Icelandic releases, he was credited as Ásgeir Trausti. But more recently in 2013 with his launching as an international artist, he has started using the mononym Ásgeir as a recording name. Ásgeir performs with his own band, Ásgeir Trausti Band. He also plays guitar in the Icelandic band The Lovely Lion. Ásgeir's debut album is Dýrð í dauðaþögn released in 2012, the lead single from which, "Sumargestur", made it to number two on the Tónlist, an unofficial but widely quoted Icelandic Singles Chart, followed up with the single "Leyndarmál" (six weeks at number 1 on Tónlist) and the title track "Dýrð í dauðaþögn" from the album (three weeks at #1 on Tónlist). He has had a Christmas hit with his song "Hvítir skór" in collaboration with Blaz Roca. The single stayed at the top of the Icelandic Singles Chart for 9 consecutive weeks from December 2012 to the end of January 2013. An English language version of Dýrð í dauðaþögn under the title In the Silence had been scheduled for international release on 27 January 2014, but was made available online on iTunes on 28 October 2013. The American singer John Grant helped with the translation of the lyrics and re-production of the English language album. Based on online sales, the album has already charted in Belgium and Netherlands. On 13 August 2013, Ásgeir released the video for "King and Cross", the debut single from the prospective album with John Grant appearing in the single release. The follow-up single "Going Home" charted in France. The main release to coincide with the release of the album was "Torrent", an English-language version of "Nýfallið regn".

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How would Ásgeir be described?

Ásgeir would be described as Icelandic solo singer.

What is the occupation of Ásgeir?

Ásgeir is or was occupied as Singer, songwriter, musician.

What is Ásgeir subject of?

Ásgeir is subject of 1992 births, Icelandic musicians, English-language singers of Iceland, Living people, One Little Indian Records artists and Icelandic male singers.

What is the gender of Ásgeir?

Ásgeir is male.

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When did the career of Ásgeir start?

The career started in 2012.