Ângela Diniz

Ângela Maria Fernandes Diniz (Belo Horizonte, 1944 — Armação dos Búzios, 30 December 1976) was a Brazilian socialite that became famous after her murder at her own beach house in Praia dos Ossos, Búzios, Rio de Janeiro. She was murdered by her own lover, Raul Fernandes do Amaral Street (commonly known as Doca Street). The crime received extensive media coverage in Brazil. Ângela Diniz married engineer Milton Villas Boas when she was 18, and divorced 9 years later after having three children with him. She later dated gossip columnist Ibrahim Sued, starting in 1975 - it was her last relationship before dating Doca Street. In 1975, she was accused of doing and keeping drugs, and, immediately after, kidnapping her own daughter. In 1976, while spending some time at their beach house in Búzios, Doca and Ângela had an argument, and she threw his briefcase at him. His Beretta pistol fell off of it, and he shot her in rage. Angela's life was considered for a movie to be directed by Roberto Farias, with Deborah Secco on the lead role, but it was never produced. Part of her story is told on the book Submundo da sociedade, by Adelaide Carraro Submundo da sociedade. On 2006, Doca Street released a book called Mea Culpa, in which he explains in detail how he met Angela, how they started an extramarital affair, how he left his wife and children to live with Ângela, and how he killed her.

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Where died Ângela Diniz?

Ângela Diniz died in Armação dos Búzios.

Where was Ângela Diniz born?

Ângela Diniz was born in Belo Horizonte.

How would Ângela Diniz be described?

Ângela Diniz would be described as Brazilian socialite.

What is the gender of Ângela Diniz?

Ângela Diniz is female.

When died Ângela Diniz?

Ângela Diniz died 30.12.1976.

When was Ângela Diniz born?

Ângela Diniz was born on 01.01.1944.

What is Ângela Diniz subject of?

Ângela Diniz is subject of People from Belo Horizonte, Deaths by firearm in Brazil, 1944 births, 1976 deaths, People murdered in Rio de Janeiro, Murder in 1976 and Assassinated Brazilian people.