1953 New York Central Railroad accident

The 1953 New York Central Railroad accident was a railway accident involving the New York Central Railroad which occurred on the four track main line 2.4 miles east of Conneaut, Ohio at 10:02 P.M. on March 27, 1953. The accident was caused by an improperly secured load of large pipes that broke loose from a gondola car on an eastbound freight train. The loose pipe, dragged by the moving train, damaged the eastbound passenger track. A passing westbound freight train notified the first train and it stopped to assess what had happened. A fast westbound passenger train then approached the scene. It was unable to stop and derailed from the damaged track, colliding with the westbound freight on the adjacent track. Then an eastbound fast passenger train approached and struck the derailed equipment from the first two trains. There were 21 deaths and 49 people were injured.

Source: Wikipedia DBpedia

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