Åge Hadler

Åge Hadler

Åge Hadler (born 14 August 1944) is a Norwegian orienteering competitor, winner of the 1966 and 1972 individual World Orienteering Championships, relay champion from 1970, and individual bronze medalist from 1968.

Source: Wikipedia DBpedia

In which clubs was Åge Hadler active?

Åge Hadler was active in IL i BUL, Bergens TF and IL Tyrving.

How would Åge Hadler be described?

Åge Hadler would be described as Norwegian orienteer.

What is Åge Hadler subject of?

Åge Hadler is subject of 1944 births, Living people, Male orienteers, Norwegian orienteers and Foot orienteers.

Where was Åge Hadler born?

Åge Hadler was born in Bergen.

What is the gender of Åge Hadler?

Åge Hadler is male.