Åge Rønning

Åge Rønning

Åge Rønning (4 October 1925 –31 January 1991) was a Norwegian writer and journalist. Åge Rønning was born in Oslo, Norway. He had a career in journalism working for Verdens Gang 1945–47, Norsk Telegrambyrå 1947–54 and Morgenbladet until 1964. His debut novel Fotfeste for elskere was published in 1954. His writings often reflected his Roman Catholic faith and focused on related religious issues. Rønning was awarded the Norwegian Critics Prize for Literature in 1982 for the novel Kolbes reise. from 1968 to 1969, Rønning was a deputy and from 1978 board member of the Norwegian Authors' Union. He was affected by multiple sclerosis starting in 1967 and was from 1980 depending on a wheelchair. In 1986 he received the Fritt Ord Honorary Award. He received the Dobloug Prize in 1989.

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How would Åge Rønning be described?

Åge Rønning would be described as Norwegian writer.

What is the gender of Åge Rønning?

Åge Rønning is male.

When died Åge Rønning?

Åge Rønning died 01.01.1991.

When was Åge Rønning born?

Åge Rønning was born on 01.01.1925.

What is the citizenship or nationality of Åge Rønning?

Åge Rønning is Norway.

What is Åge Rønning subject of?

Åge Rønning is subject of Dobloug Prize winners, 20th-century Norwegian writers, 1925 births, 1991 deaths, 20th-century Norwegian novelists, Male novelists, Norwegian male writers, People from Oslo, 20th-century Norwegian poets and Norwegian male poets.