Åke Andersson

Åke Andersson (22 April 1917 – 20 July 1983) was a Swedish football forward who played for Sweden in the 1938 FIFA World Cup. He also played for GAIS.

Source: Wikipedia DBpedia

Where died Åke Andersson?

Åke Andersson died in Gothenburg.

How would Åke Andersson be described?

Åke Andersson would be described as Swedish footballer.

What is Åke Andersson subject of?

Åke Andersson is subject of Swedish footballers, Sweden international footballers, 1917 births, 1983 deaths, Association football forwards, GAIS players and 1938 FIFA World Cup players.

What is the gender of Åke Andersson?

Åke Andersson is male.

What was or is the position of Åke Andersson?

The position of Åke Andersson is or was Forward (association football).

In which teams was Åke Andersson active?

Åke Andersson was active in Sweden and GAIS.