Åke Bergman

Åke Bergman

Åke Herman Gottfrid Bergman (26 May 1896 – 27 February 1941) was a Swedish swimmer. He competed at the 1912 Summer Olympics in the 100 m backstroke event, but failed to reach the final. Bergman lived with his parents Anders and Berta near a public bath, where he started training in swimming. He later also played water polo, but lost vision in one eye after an injury during a competition. He was a hatter by profession, as his father owned a hat factory, and had a daughter Karin.

Source: Wikipedia DBpedia

In which clubs was Åke Bergman active?

Åke Bergman was active in Malmö SS.

Where died Åke Bergman?

Åke Bergman died in Malmö.

How would Åke Bergman be described?

Åke Bergman would be described as Swedish swimmer.

What is Åke Bergman subject of?

Åke Bergman is subject of Olympic swimmers of Sweden, 1896 births, 1941 deaths, Swimmers at the 1912 Summer Olympics, Swedish male swimmers and Male backstroke swimmers.

Where was Åke Bergman born?

Åke Bergman was born in Malmö.

What is the gender of Åke Bergman?

Åke Bergman is male.