Åke Falck

Åke Falck (3 April 1925 – 12 October 1974) was a Swedish film director. He directed 13 films between 1958 and 1972. His 1966 film The Princess was entered into the 5th Moscow International Film Festival.

Source: Wikipedia DBpedia

How would Åke Falck be described?

Åke Falck would be described as Film director.

When died Åke Falck?

Åke Falck died 12.10.1974.

What is Åke Falck subject of?

Åke Falck is subject of 1925 births, 1974 deaths, People from Gothenburg and Swedish film directors.

What is the gender of Åke Falck?

Åke Falck is male.

When did the career of Åke Falck start?

The career started in 1958.