Åke Gerhard

Åke Gerhard

Åke Gerhard (Utansjö, Ångermanland, 26 March 1921 - 20 August 2009) was a Swedish songwriter. His songs won the title for the first three years of Sweden's Melodifestival: In 1958 "Lilla stjärna" Little star sung by Alice Babs, in 1959 "Augustin" sung by Siw Malmkvist with lyrics by Harry Sandin (performed by Brita Borg at Eurovision) and in 1960 "Alla andra får varann" Everyone else gets each other with lyrics by Ulf Kjellqvist.

Source: Wikipedia DBpedia

How would Åke Gerhard be described?

Åke Gerhard would be described as Swedish songwriter.

What is the gender of Åke Gerhard?

Åke Gerhard is male.

When died Åke Gerhard?

Åke Gerhard died 20.08.2009.

When was Åke Gerhard born?

Åke Gerhard was born on 26.03.1921.

What is Åke Gerhard subject of?

Åke Gerhard is subject of 1921 births, 2009 deaths and Swedish songwriters.