Åke Grönberg

Åke Grönberg

Karl Åke Edvard Grönberg (26 March 1914 – 15 September 1969) was a Swedish film actor who appeared in nearly 100 films. Gronberg was a versatile stage personality of his day, performing as a singer, variety artist, actor, in musical shows and in dramatic productions. He was born in Stockholm, Sweden and died of a heart attack in 1969.

Source: Wikipedia DBpedia

Where died Åke Grönberg?

Åke Grönberg died in Sweden.

How would Åke Grönberg be described?

Åke Grönberg would be described as Actor.

What is the birth name of Åke Grönberg?

Karl Åke Edvard Grönberg is the birth name of Åke Grönberg.

What is the occupation of Åke Grönberg?

The occupation of Åke Grönberg is .

What is Åke Grönberg subject of?

Åke Grönberg is subject of 1914 births, 1969 deaths, 20th-century Swedish male actors, Swedish male actors and Male actors from Stockholm.

What is the gender of Åke Grönberg?

Åke Grönberg is male.

When did the career of Åke Grönberg start?

The career started in 1936.