Åke Gustafsson

Åke Gustafsson

Karl Åke Torsten Gustafsson (1908-1988) was a Swedish botanist and geneticist, who was also known as an essayist and poet. He was professor at the Statens Skogsforskningsinstitut (the Swedish Institute for Forest Research) 1947-1968 and at Lund University 1968-1974. In 1949 he was elected a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Agriculture and in 1966 a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. The standard author abbreviation Å.Gust. is used to indicate this individual as the author when citing a botanical name.

Source: Wikipedia DBpedia

How would Åke Gustafsson be described?

Åke Gustafsson would be described as Swedish botanist.

What is the gender of Åke Gustafsson?

Åke Gustafsson is male.

When died Åke Gustafsson?

Åke Gustafsson died 14.11.1988.

When was Åke Gustafsson born?

Åke Gustafsson was born on 08.04.1908.

What is Åke Gustafsson subject of?

Åke Gustafsson is subject of 20th-century botanists, Lund University faculty, 1908 births, 1988 deaths, Members of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, Swedish botanists and Swedish geneticists.