Åke Johansson

Åke "Bajdoff" Johansson (19 March 1928 – 21 December 2014) was a Swedish football player. Johansson played as a center half in IFK Norrköping and capped 53 times for the national team between 1955 and 1965. With IFK Norrköping he owns the club record with 321 appearances. Johansson became Swedish champion with his club 6 times (1952, 1956, 1957, 1960, 1962 and 1963), won Guldbollen 1957 and was a member of the silver winning team in 1958 FIFA World Cup but did not appeared in the final. He also capped one time for the national team in ice hockey. He died after a brief illness, on 21 December 2014.

Source: Wikipedia DBpedia

Where died Åke Johansson?

Åke Johansson died in Norrköping.

How would Åke Johansson be described?

Åke Johansson would be described as Swedish footballer.

When died Åke Johansson?

Åke Johansson died 21.12.2014.

What is Åke Johansson subject of?

Åke Johansson is subject of Swedish footballers, Swedish ice hockey players, Sweden international footballers, IFK Norrköping players, 1928 births, 1958 FIFA World Cup players and 2014 deaths.

What is the gender of Åke Johansson?

Åke Johansson is male.

What was or is the position of Åke Johansson?

The position of Åke Johansson is or was Defender (football).

In which teams was Åke Johansson active?

Åke Johansson was active in Sweden and IFK Norrköping.