Åke Lundeberg

Åke Lundeberg (14 December 1888 – 29 May 1939) was a Swedish sports shooter who won two gold and one silver medals at the 1912 Summer Olympics. Lundederg was a military officer and a forest manager, who belonged to the State Forestry School in Kloten at the time of 1912 Olympics. He retired early and returned to his home town of Gävle, where he died aged 50.

Source: Wikipedia DBpedia

In which clubs was Åke Lundeberg active?

Åke Lundeberg was active in Örebro SF.

Where died Åke Lundeberg?

Åke Lundeberg died in Gävle.

How would Åke Lundeberg be described?

Åke Lundeberg would be described as Sport shooter.

When was Åke Lundeberg born?

Åke Lundeberg was born on 14.12.1888.

What is Åke Lundeberg subject of?

Åke Lundeberg is subject of Olympic gold medalists for Sweden, Olympic silver medalists for Sweden, Shooters at the 1912 Summer Olympics, Olympic shooters of Sweden, Swedish male sport shooters, 1888 births, 1939 deaths, Medalists at the 1912 Summer Olympics, Running target shooters and Olympic medalists in shooting.

Where was Åke Lundeberg born?

Åke Lundeberg was born in Gävle.

What is the gender of Åke Lundeberg?

Åke Lundeberg is male.