Åke Ohlmarks

Åke Joel Ohlmarks (3 June 1911 – 6 June 1984) was a Swedish author, translator and scholar of religion. He worked as a Lecturer at the University of Greifswald from 1941 to 1945. Together with the Deutsche Christen member Wilhelm Koepp he founded the institute for religious studies there in 1944. His most notable contribution to the field is his 1939 study of Shamanism. As a translator, he is notable for his Swedish version of the Icelandic Edda, of Shakespeare's works and of J. R. R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings, the Qur'an and works by Dante, Nostradamus and others.

Source: Wikipedia DBpedia

Where was Åke Ohlmarks born?

Åke Ohlmarks was born in Kristianstad.

How would Åke Ohlmarks be described?

Åke Ohlmarks would be described as Swedish writer and academic.

What is the gender of Åke Ohlmarks?

Åke Ohlmarks is male.

When died Åke Ohlmarks?

Åke Ohlmarks died 01.01.1984.

When was Åke Ohlmarks born?

Åke Ohlmarks was born on 03.06.1911.

What is Åke Ohlmarks subject of?

Åke Ohlmarks is subject of Neoshamanism, People from Kristianstad Municipality, 1911 births, 1984 deaths, 20th-century translators, Swedish male writers, Swedish translators, University of Greifswald faculty and Writers from Scania.