Åke Strömmer

Åke Strömmer

Åke Strömmer (born 10 June 1936 in Härnösand, died 22 February 2005) was a Swedish sports journalist, radio presenter and television host. Åke Strömmer joined the national Swedish Radio-TV company Sveriges Radio and became a popular figure to viewer and listeners as one of the greatest Sports journalist in Sweden. For Swedish radio he hosted the shows På minuten (Swedish counterpart of the UK show Just a Minute) and Minnesmästarna. He also hosted Svensktoppen for the 1978 season. In 1980 he won Stora Journalistpriset. For Swedish television he covered the Olympics on 4 occasions and 2 editions of the Eurovision Song Contest. In 2000 he left SVT and joined rival broadcaster TV4 and returned to sports commentary where he presented the TV4 coverage for the 2000 Summer Olympics as well as football matches. Åke Strömmer died in February 2005 after suffering from cancer.

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How would Åke Strömmer be described?

Åke Strömmer would be described as Swedish television host.

What is the gender of Åke Strömmer?

Åke Strömmer is male.

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Åke Strömmer is subject of Svensktoppen, Swedish radio personalities, Swedish television hosts, 1936 births, 2005 deaths, Swedish sports broadcasters, Swedish sports journalists and People from Härnösand.