Åke Thelning

Åke Thelning

Hans Berndt Åke Thelning (24 October 1892 – 16 February 1979) was a Swedish Army officer and horse rider who competed in the 1924 Summer Olympics. He and his horse Löke finished sixth in the individual jumping event and won a gold medal with the Swedish jumping team. Later in the 1930 he worked as a senior teacher at a riding school in Copenhagen. Ståhle became cavalry captain (ryttmästare) in the reserve in 1928.

Source: Wikipedia DBpedia

In which clubs was Åke Thelning active?

Åke Thelning was active in K5 IF, Helsingborg.

Where died Åke Thelning?

Åke Thelning died in Särö.

How would Åke Thelning be described?

Åke Thelning would be described as Equestrian.

When was Åke Thelning born?

Åke Thelning was born on 24.10.1892.

What is Åke Thelning subject of?

Åke Thelning is subject of Swedish equestrians, Olympic gold medalists for Sweden, Equestrians at the 1924 Summer Olympics, Olympic equestrians of Sweden, Male equestrians, Olympic medalists in equestrian, 1892 births, 1979 deaths, Medalists at the 1924 Summer Olympics, Swedish Army captains, Knights of the Order of the Sword, People from Vårgårda Municipality and Swedish show jumping riders.

Where was Åke Thelning born?

Åke Thelning was born in Vårgårda.

What is the gender of Åke Thelning?

Åke Thelning is male.