Åsa Linderborg

Åsa Linderborg

Åsa Natacha Linderborg (née Andersson, born 20 May 1968) is a Swedish writer, and historian. She writes regularly for Aftonbladet, where she works as chief cultural editor. Åsa Linderborg was born in the city of Västerås, where she also grew up. Her father worked as a metalworker and her mother, Tanja Linderborg, is a former politician and Member of Parliament for the Left Party. Åsa Linderborg herself became a member of the Left Party – Communists in 1980 and the following year of its youth wing, the Communist Youth. In 1987 she became an ombudsman for the Communist Youth in Mälardalen. Linderborg graduated with a Ph.D. in history from Uppsala University in 2001 with the dissertation Socialdemokraterna skriver historia: Historieskrivning som ideologisk maktresurs ("Social Democrats Write History: History Writing Used as an Ideological Power Resource"), about the Swedish Social Democratic Party. Mig äger ingen (Nobody owns me), was released. The book received good reviews and was nominated for the August Prize in the category best Swedish-language novel of the year. The book was later the basis for a film of the same name starring Mikael Persbrandt. On 27 March 2008, Linderborg was presented as the new deputy cultural editor of Aftonbladet, with Karin Magnusson becoming the chief cultural editor. In 2009 Linderborg replaced Magnusson as chief cultural editor. Shortly after she moved into this position, the Aftonbladet-Israel controversy erupted to due an article published in Aftonbladet's culture pages on alleged Israeli organ harvesting from Palestinians.

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Where was Åsa Linderborg born?

Åsa Linderborg was born in Västerås.

How would Åsa Linderborg be described?

Åsa Linderborg would be described as Swedish writer and historian.

What is the gender of Åsa Linderborg?

Åsa Linderborg is female.

When was Åsa Linderborg born?

Åsa Linderborg was born on 20.05.1968.

What is Åsa Linderborg subject of?

Åsa Linderborg is subject of People from Västerås, Swedish novelists, Swedish communists, Swedish historians, Left Party (Sweden) politicians, 1968 births, Living people, Uppsala University alumni, Swedish women novelists and Swedish political writers.