Åsa Regnér

Åsa Charlotte Regnér, originally Pettersson (born 26 August 1964 in Malmberget, Norrbotten) is a Swedish Social Democratic politician. On 3 October 2014 she became Minister for Children and the Elderly and Minister for Gender Equality under Stefan Löfven.

Source: Wikipedia DBpedia

How would Åsa Regnér be described?

Åsa Regnér would be described as Swedish cabinet minister.

What is Åsa Regnér subject of?

Åsa Regnér is subject of Swedish politicians, Swedish Ministers for Gender Equality, 1964 births and Living people.

To which party does Åsa Regnér belong?

Åsa Regnér is member of Sveriges socialdemokratiska arbetareparti.

Where was Åsa Regnér born?

Åsa Regnér was born in Stockholm.

What is the gender of Åsa Regnér?

Åsa Regnér is female.