Åse Wentzel

Åse Wentzel

Åse Carola Wentzel Larsen, née Helmersen (2 January 1924 – 30 August 2009) was a Norwegian pop singer. She was born in Trondheim as a daughter of Henry Helmersen (1895–1932) and Magnhild Sørum (1897–1943). In 1943 she married violinist Odd Wentzel Larsen (1919–1988). They had the daughter Magni Wentzel. She was a well-known schläger singer in the 1950s and 1960s, with hits such as "Domino" (1951), "Du, du, du" (1953), "Vaya Con Dios" (1953 with Thor Raymond) and "Midnattstango" (1963 with Jan Høiland). The latter reached #1 on the singles chart VG-lista 1963. She died in August 2009. She received a Gammleng Award in 1985.

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How would Åse Wentzel be described?

Åse Wentzel would be described as Norwegian singer.

What is the gender of Åse Wentzel?

Åse Wentzel is female.

When died Åse Wentzel?

Åse Wentzel died 30.08.2009.

When was Åse Wentzel born?

Åse Wentzel was born on 02.01.1924.

What is Åse Wentzel subject of?

Åse Wentzel is subject of 1924 births, 2009 deaths, 20th-century singers, People from Trondheim and Norwegian female singers.