Åsfrid Svensen

Åsfrid Svensen (born 21 May 1936) is a Norwegian literary historian. She was a professor of Nordic literature at the University of Oslo. She has published on Arne Garborg and Olav Duun, among others. She is a member of the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters. In 2001 she received the NBU-prisen. She resides at Vækerø.

Source: Wikipedia DBpedia

What is the gender of Åsfrid Svensen?

Åsfrid Svensen is female.

When was Åsfrid Svensen born?

Åsfrid Svensen was born on 21.05.1936.

What is Åsfrid Svensen subject of?

Åsfrid Svensen is subject of 1936 births, Living people, Members of the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters, University of Oslo faculty and Norwegian literary historians.