Åsleik Engmark

Åsleik Engmark

Åsleik Engmark (born 27 December 1965 in Oslo) is a Norwegian comedian, actor, singer, director and stage writer, living in Nesodden outside Oslo. Engmark was one of the co-founders of the Norwegian cabaret group Lompelandslaget in 1987. In 1988 at the age of 22, he made his debut at Det Norske Teatret (The Norwegian Theatre) in Oslo, in the Norwegian original cast of Les Misérables, the third Cameron Mackintosh Les Mis production in the world. He stayed in the ensemble of the Det Norske Teatret until 1999. In Norway he became known during the 1990s through Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK), especially on the weekly satire Egentlig, an equivalent to Saturday Night Live. He is also well known for his many dubbing film voices, such as Timon in the Norwegian version of The Lion King. In 2009 Engmark made his debut as a film director, with the children's movie Knerten (Twigson English version) (Mein Freund Knerten German version). The movie became a box office hit and was seen by more than 375000 viewers in Norway. Among many festivals, it participated in the official Generation K Plus section of the Berlinale 2010.Knerten was awarded Best Childrens movie, Best Art Design and Best Visual Effects at the Norwegian Film Awards 2010 Amandaprisen. In 2010 he won the Norwegian version of Strictly Come Dancing, called Skal vi danse Today Engmark is directing, performing and writing in many different artistic directions. He performs comedy in both Norwegian and English, and won the Norwegian Stå Opp-Prisen (Stand Up Award) in 2001.

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How would Åsleik Engmark be described?

Åsleik Engmark would be described as Norwegian comedian, actor and director.

What is the gender of Åsleik Engmark?

Åsleik Engmark is male.

When was Åsleik Engmark born?

Åsleik Engmark was born on 27.12.1965.

What is Åsleik Engmark subject of?

Åsleik Engmark is subject of Skal vi danse? participants, Norwegian comedians, 1965 births, Living people, Norwegian film directors, Male actors from Oslo, Norwegian male stage actors, Norwegian male film actors and Norwegian male television actors.

When did the career of Åsleik Engmark start?

The career started in 1988.