Åsmund Sveen

Åsmund Sveen (28 April 1910 – 31 January 1963) was a Norwegian poet, novelist and literary critic. He was born in Elverum. Among his poetry collections are Andletet from 1932 and Eros syng from 1935. He published the novel Svartjord in 1937. In the legal purge in Norway after World War II Sveen was convicted to several years imprisonment.

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How would Åsmund Sveen be described?

Åsmund Sveen would be described as Poet.

What is the occupation of Åsmund Sveen?

The occupation of Åsmund Sveen is .

What is the citizenship or nationality of Åsmund Sveen?

Åsmund Sveen is Norway.

What is Åsmund Sveen subject of?

Åsmund Sveen is subject of Members of Nasjonal Samling, 20th-century Norwegian writers, 1910 births, 1963 deaths, 20th-century Norwegian novelists, Male novelists, Norwegian male writers, 20th-century Norwegian poets, People convicted of treason against Norway, Norwegian male poets and People from Elverum.

Where was Åsmund Sveen born?

Åsmund Sveen was born in Hedmark.

What is the gender of Åsmund Sveen?

Åsmund Sveen is male.