Åsta Gudbrandsdatter

Åsta Gudbrandsdatter (c. 975/980 – c. 1020/1030) was the mother of two Norwegian kings, King Olaf II of Norway and King Harald III of Norway. The primary source for the life of Åsta is Snorri Sturluson's saga Heimskringla, a 13th-century collection of tales about the lives of the Norwegian kings. In the chronicle, Åsta is described as "generous and high-minded" and as a keen political player and guiding influence on her royal husbands and children. Her parents were Gudbrand Kula and Ulfhild.

Source: Wikipedia DBpedia

How would Åsta Gudbrandsdatter be described?

Åsta Gudbrandsdatter would be described as Mother of two Norwegian Kings.

What is the gender of Åsta Gudbrandsdatter?

Åsta Gudbrandsdatter is female.

When died Åsta Gudbrandsdatter?

Åsta Gudbrandsdatter died 1020.

What is Åsta Gudbrandsdatter subject of?

Åsta Gudbrandsdatter is subject of 10th-century births, 11th-century deaths, Viking Age women, Norwegian monarchy and 11th-century Norwegian people.