Åsta Holth

Åsta Holth (13 February 1904, Svullrya, Solør – 16 March 1999) was a Norwegian novelist, poet and short story writer. She made her literary debut in 1944 with the short story collection Gamle bygdevegen. In 1946, she published the poetry collection Porkkalafela. She was awarded the Dobloug Prize in 1977.

Source: Wikipedia DBpedia

How would Åsta Holth be described?

Åsta Holth would be described as Norwegian writer.

What is the gender of Åsta Holth?

Åsta Holth is female.

When died Åsta Holth?

Åsta Holth died 16.03.1999.

When was Åsta Holth born?

Åsta Holth was born on 13.02.1904.

What is the citizenship or nationality of Åsta Holth?

Åsta Holth is Norway.

What is Åsta Holth subject of?

Åsta Holth is subject of Norwegian women novelists, Norwegian short story writers, 20th-century Norwegian writers, 1904 births, 1999 deaths, 20th-century Norwegian novelists, 20th-century short story writers, 20th-century women writers, Communist women writers, 20th-century Norwegian poets, Norwegian women poets, Communist Party of Norway politicians, People from Grue, Norway, Nynorsk-language writers and Norwegian women short story writers.