Æbbe of Oxford

Æbbe of Oxford

Æbbe was a saint venerated in medieval Oxfordshire. St Ebbe's church in the southern English city of Oxford had been verifiably dedicated to the saint by 1091. It is believed that she represents a rare southern expression of the cult of the Northumbrian abbess and saint, Æbbe of Coldingham, to whom the church at Shelswell, also in Oxfordshire, was dedicated. It has also been argued by several historians that Æbbe of Oxford is the same Æbbe as the conjectured abbess-saint who gave her name to nearby Abingdon ("hill of Æbbe").

Source: Wikipedia DBpedia

What is the gender of Æbbe of Oxford?

Æbbe of Oxford is female.

What is Æbbe of Oxford subject of?

Æbbe of Oxford is subject of People from Abingdon-on-Thames, History of Berkshire, History of Oxfordshire, People from Oxford, West Saxon saints, Religion in Berkshire, Religion in Oxfordshire and Anglo-Saxon abbesses.