Ælfgar of Selwood

Ælfgar (Algar), according to 16th-century antiquarian John Leland, was a saint venerated at a chapel in the forest of Selwood, three miles from Mells (near Frome), Somerset. Leland wrote that at the chapel "be buryed the bones of S. Algar, of late tymes superstitiously soute of by the folische commune people". There is no other surviving information on the saint, and it is presumed he was an Anglo-Saxon hermit.

Source: Wikipedia DBpedia

What is the gender of Ælfgar of Selwood?

Ælfgar of Selwood is male.

What is Ælfgar of Selwood subject of?

Ælfgar of Selwood is subject of Burials in Somerset, English hermits, History of Somerset, People from Somerset, West Saxon saints and Christianity in Somerset.