Ælfnoth of Stowe

Ælfnoth or Alnoth (died 700) was an English hermit and martyr. Little is known of his life, though he is mentioned in Jocelyn's life of Saint Werburgh as a pious neatherd at Weedon, who bore with great patience the ill-treatment of the bailiff placed over him, and who afterwards became a hermit in a very lonely spot, where he was eventually murdered by two robbers. On this ground he was honoured as a martyr; and there was some concourse of pilgrims to his tomb at Stowe near Bugbrooke in Northamptonshire. Ælfnoth is not mentioned in any surviving early calendars; his feast was later kept on 27 February or on 25 November.

Source: Wikipedia DBpedia

How would Ælfnoth be described?

Ælfnoth would be described as Hermit and martyr.

What is the gender of Ælfnoth?

Ælfnoth is male.

When died Ælfnoth?

Ælfnoth died 700.

What is Ælfnoth subject of?

Ælfnoth is subject of 700 deaths, 7th-century Christian saints, 7th-century births, People from Daventry (district) and Mercian saints.